Welcome to K&W Popcorn!


Since William Kennebeck founded K&W Popcorn in 1991 we've been a family owned and operated business, bringing our customers the very best in certified organic and non-GMO popping corns. K&W, located right in the middle of the midwestern corn belt, is a proud member of the Popcorn Institute.

We are pleased to be certified organic producers by the OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association)! All of our popcorn is grown under strict supervision of K&W Popcorn and only the finest hybrid varieties that meet our stringent standards are used and are tested extensively before being accepted into the K&W family of seed hybrids.

The president and founder of K&W Popcorn, Inc., Mr. Bill Kennebeck, alone has over 30 years in the popcorn industry and has served on several industry boards including the Federal Popcorn Board. Being a family owned and operated company allows for a hands on approach to producing a premium product in every kernel.

We hope you'll enjoy eating our popcorn as much as we enjoy bringing it to your popper!